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This website has rules about how it handles your information. If you use the website, you must follow these rules. By giving information on the website, you agree to let the website keep, organize, use, and share the information according to these rules.


We understand how important it is to keep your personal information safe. We will do our best to make sure that nobody accesses or shares your personal information without your permission. This Privacy Policy tells you how we collect, use and share your personal information when you use our service. It also explains your rights in relation to your personal information. We might change this Privacy Policy without telling you beforehand. This Privacy Policy goes together with the Terms of Use on our website that we talked about before.


NESE gets personal information in several ways. One way is when people contact them or ask for information or services. Another way is when NESE gives services to people. NESE can also get information from people who use their websites or talk to them on social media. The info can come from the person or from others. When people use NESE’s website or social media, NESE collects data about their activities. When NESE helps clients with things, they can get personal information like their name, contact information, money details and details about what they need help with.


NESE can collect and use personal information for many reasons, including delivering services, doing research, and improving the website. They may also send news, offers, and information about their services, but people can choose not to receive these messages. NESE may study how people use the website to learn how to make it better and may gather information like age and location, but they won’t tell anyone who specifically provided it. If people want to stop getting messages from NESE, they can unsubscribe or contact NESE.


We will not sell or let companies use your personal information for marketing purposes without your permission. However, there may be times when we need to share your personal information. This could be because the law says we have to or to protect our rights. It could also be because we need to provide our services to you or to other people. We might also need to share personal information for research, with government authorities, courts or law enforcement agencies. There may be other situations where we need to share your personal information to provide our services to you as best we can.


NESE collects personal information that may be sent to people in other countries. The laws in those countries may not protect personal information as well as in your country. Your data may be sent to and stored on computers located outside of your state, province, country or other government jurisdiction where the laws about data protection may be different. Your data may be sent to a third-party service provider’s server to be processed or handled. By agreeing to this privacy policy and submitting your information, you agree to allow your information to be transferred. NESE will keep your data secure and follow this policy. No data will be transferred to an organization in a country unless there are adequate controls in place for the security of your information and personal information.


NESE will only keep your personal information, content and data for the time that we need it to achieve the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy. We will only use your data to provide our service, conduct research, satisfy legal requirements, resolve conflicts and enforce our legal agreements and policies.


NESE can send marketing messages and related material to people but only if they have an existing relationship. If you don’t want to receive these types of messages, you can let NESE know by reaching out to them through the contact details provided or clicking on the opt-out link in any of their electronic communications.


NESE takes steps to protect your personal information so that it won’t be lost, misused, accessed, shared, changed or destroyed. They do this by being careful and following standard practices used in their industry.


When NESE uses third-party providers, they may receive information from the customer. The providers will only use this information to provide us the services we asked for. Some of these providers may be in a different place than NESE or the customer. If the customer decides to use a third-party service provider, their information will be subject to that provider’s laws. When the customer leaves NESE’s website or goes to a third-party website, they are no longer covered by NESE’s Privacy Policy or the website’s Terms and Conditions.