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Nigeria is Africa’s Largest Economy by Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and is also the most populous African country with an estimated population of about 200 million. The country, like the rest of Africa, has a very young population full of entrepreneurial energy and potential which can lead to immense prosperity across the continent. However, the paucity of power supply remains a significant drawback. The Country’s estimated energy capacity of 5,000MW is a far cry in comparison with other countries with its size and industrial potential. This dismal situation continues to constrain new local or foreign direct investment and makes the cost of doing business in the country unsustainably high.

The Nigerian Electrification Summit and Exhibition (NESE) is borne out of a clear understanding that the challenges facing Nigeria’s Electricity Industry are hydra-headed and meeting the challenge would require a multi-disciplinary and multi-sectoral approach. NESE, therefore, seeks to bring together expertise and contributions from relevant players across Nigeria and the globe in a bid to fashion a monitored roadmap aimed at reaching energy efficiency in Nigeria within the decade. Our contributors and attendees would cut across industries and sectors including policymakers, regulators, legislators, debt and equity capital market operators, insurance and risk practitioners, investors, rating agencies, and bilateral and multilateral organizations focused on supporting the energy industry in Nigeria.

Core Objectives

National Energy Sufficiency

Universal Energy Access

Transparent Energy Market Practices

Sustainable Environmental Practices


An Energy Sufficient Nigeria on or before 2030


We galvanize multi-sectoral and multi-disciplinary resources both locally and internationally towards promoting, equipping, and advancing Nigeria’s Electricity Supply Industry to achieve national electricity sufficiency on or before 2030.

Why Attend

  • Understand the Nigeria Electricity Supply Industry;
  • Get insights into trends and opportunities in the Nigerian Electricity Market;
  • Engage key decision makers in Nigeria’s Electricity Market;
  • Make and Receive Project Announcements and Updates First Hand;
  • Network with key decision makers and other players in Nigeria’s Electricity Market;
  • Commence and Close Investment Deals for Projects in Nigeria’s Electricity Market;
  • Be a part of a movement to bring sustainable development to Africa’s most populous nation and largest economy.
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